Library RFID Solution

Library RFID Pune Mumbai   Library RFID Pune

We offer a Complete Solution for RFID Based Library Management and Automation


 RFID Readers/ Writers

 RFID Library Tags for Books

 RFID ID Cards and RFID Library Membership Cards

 RFID Based Library Stock Verification System

 RFID Integration with your existing Library Software 


RFID Card Based Solution for Students

Student RFID Card Pune

 Smart Cards , RFID Cards of Various Frequencies- LF,HF, UHF

 Smart Card Readers/ Writers

 Smart Card Software

 Plain and Pre-printed Smart Cards, RFID Cards, NFC Cards

 Smart Card Integration in your existing Software

 RFID Card Based Applications for Schools & Colleges -  Library Management, Hostel Management, Canteen Management, Event Management

 RFID Based Student Attendance System for Schools and Colleges- Long Range UHF Solution, Economical Short Range HF Card Based Solution